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September 2017 - Jeff Brantley

Friday, September 15, 2017 -
11:30am to 1:00pm
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11:30-noon: Registration and lunch
Noon-12:05: Chapter announcements
12:05-1:00: Presentation

Brainstorming, Prioritization, and Group Understanding Using Innovation Games Techniques

Innovation games are a framework that allow a product team to gather direct feedback about an offering. The games are designed to be simple to explain, simple to play, and rich in results.
Innovation games are distinguished from other forms of research in that the product team is expected to actively participate in preparing for the game (and have fun doing so). During the game, a cross-functional product team will act as observers who are involved firsthand in gathering data from stakeholders or customers. The product team will:

  • See product boxes being created and hear them being sold.
  • Watch product trees take shape and listen to customers explain how they are growing over time.
  • See complex spider webs of relationships emerge and can explore why these relationships are important to customers.

This can be contrasted to other forms of qualitative research in which teams are hidden behind a two-way mirror or are looking through the small lens of a video camera.
Preparing to play the games helps product teams confirm their goals for their offerings and their goals for the market research. Playing the games internally before playing the games with customers helps increase your confidence in the power of the games.
This session will get you more comfortable with facilitation that creates a collaborative, yet purposeful environment.

Speaker bio:

Jeff is an experienced product leader, manager, and marketer. He enjoys hearing about experiences others have had (good and bad) in transforming teams and organizations to more open and transparent Agile/lean processes. Jeff is an accomplished Agile product management speaker and trainer. He enjoys diving into the organizational design and motivation factors that create real engagement from teams, and he shares innovation practices and facilitation techniques that create richer customer understanding, better teams, and more effective products and services.

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September 2017 Chapter Meeting
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9420 Research Boulevard, Echelon III, Austin, TX 78759