The Austin Chapter Sponsorship Program seeks to establish mutually beneficial relationships with organizations that have an interest in the Austin business analysis community. We designed this program
to provide a partnership where both partners benefit.


Thanks to all of our sponsors.

Austin IIBA Chapter Sponsorship Program

The Austin chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) is one of over a hundred chapters throughout the world. The Austin chapter could not have been successful without the strong support of its members, and organizations that employ, serve, or support business analysts in the Austin area. Your support of our chapter will help us continue to serve the business analysts in our area and better position them to help you succeed as well.

Why Support the Austin IIBA Chapter?

When you become an IIBA Chapter Sponsor, you show your employees, customers and competitors that your organization is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the Business Analysis workforce, processes, and the products we help business create.

Exposure Opportunities for Your Organization

Your contribution will help IIBA Austin's mission to enhance the skill level of Business Analysts through additional educational and skills building opportunities.

As an IIBA Chapter Sponsor, your organization will have the following benefits:

  • Community visibility as the IIBA Chapter Sponsor
  • Exposure on the Austin Chapter IIBA website as a Sponsor
  • Recognition on marketing materials and newsletters provide by the Chapter
  • Recognition at the Chapter meetings

Our chapter runs exclusively with volunteers (i.e., no staff employees. Membership dues and donations from sponsors are our primary source of capital to fund projects, programs, and necessary operational activities driving value to our members. We are a 503(c) nonprofit organization.