Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities

All Board of Directors (BoD) Members

  1. Actively participate in Board discussions and decision making
  2. Attend seven Chapter events per year and seven of twelve BoD meetings
  3. Train on designated backup role, & act as resource when needed
  4. Contribute role-related website and newsletter content
  5. Assist in preparing the report for the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  6. Regularly update online documentation for your position, and transition to your successor
  7. Participate in monthly IIBA Central Region call (optional)


  1. Establish and communicate chapter vision, mission and strategy for achievement
  2. Ensure compliance with IIBA® and Chapter policies and bylaws
  3. Kick-off monthly chapter meetings
  4. Charter nomination committee of Non-Board Members and oversee chapter elections
  5. Act as one of the signing officers for disbursements and other official documents
  6. Participate in monthly IIBA Central Region call
  7. Lead strategy for attracting sponsors to the Chapter
  8. Work with Treasurer to ensure adherence to the Chapter's annual budget
  9. Keep IIBA up to date with changes to the Chapter
  10. Work with Secretary (volunteer position) or handle those responsibilities in the absence of a Secretary

Past Chapter President

  1. Transition duties and responsibility to incoming President, and provide mentoring and guidance for at least six months post-transition
  2. Provide leadership to new members of the Board of Directors upon request


  1. Manage the accounting of funds for the organization, including all income and expenses
  2. Ensure compliance with local and corporate fiduciary responsibilities, including necessary financial reports, tax reports and audits
  3. Act as signing officer with the President for disbursements and other documents
  4. Respond to IIBA requests for annual financial reports
  5. Prepare annual chapter budget with input from Board members
  6. Check the PO Box for mail

Specific duties are outlined in a separate document.

VP, Operations

  1. Ensure that the Chapter's email accounts are checked at least 3 times per week
  2. Prepare for chapter and BOD meetings
    1. Ensure that meeting facilities are scheduled
    2. Ensure food is ordered for luncheon meetings
  3. Other duties as needed and agreed to

VP, Membership

  1. Maintain Chapter meeting attendance records
  2. Perform outreach to new Chapter members
  3. Perform outreach to chapter members when their membership is due for renewal
  4. Respond to membership inquiries submitted through the website (or through other channels)
  5. Work with Chapter Meeting Hosts (volunteer position) or handle those responsibilities in the absence of that position.

VP, Marketing

  1. Create and publish the monthly newsletter and any special sponsored email communications
  2. Maintain distribution lists
  3. Work with Social Media Manager (volunteer position) or handle those responsibilities in the absence of that position.
  4. Work with Webmaster (volunteer position) or handle those responsibilities in the absence of that position

VP, Professional Development

  1. Provide oversight of event planning activities, maintaining a schedule for the next 90 days
  2. Recommend topics and speakers for chapter meetings (presentation, open forum, discussion topic)  
  3. Identify new offerings, services and programs of value to members
  4. Confirm final arrangements with speakers prior to event (provide them with a primary and backup point of contact)
  5. Work with BADD Chair (volunteer position) or handle those responsibilities in the absence of that position

VP, Sponsorship

  1. Establish and maintain relationships with Chapter sponsors
  2. Negotiate sponsorship packages
  3. Maintain sponsorship records and contact logs
  4. Ensure that chapter commitments to sponsors are completed
  5. Work with event Chairs to coordinate sponsor tables