Board of Directors R&R

About the Board

IIBA Austin has seven Board members, with half of the Board elected each year for a two-year term.

The Chapter President is elected in Q4 of odd-numbered years, along with:

  • VP Membership - Establishes and executes Membership Growth Strategy
  • VP Operations - Liases with IIBA on global initiatives and handles other duties as agreed
  • VP Sponsorship - Establishes and executes Outreach/Partnership Strategy, and engages directly with partners

The positions elected in Q4 of even-numbered years are:

  • Treasurer - Establishes annual budget; Manages cash and liquidity; Handles Corporate filings
  • VP Marketing - Establsihes and executes Marketing Strategy; Creates regular communications; Maintains Chapter branding
  • VP Professional Development - Establishes and executes Professional Development Strategy, including programs and offerings

All Board Members:

  • Attend seven Chapter events per year and seven of twelve BoD meetings
  • Train on designated backup role, & act as resource when needed
  • Assist in preparing the report for the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Provide updates to Board in monthly meeting

For any other questions about joining the Board, please contact