CBAP Exam Preparations

CCBA® and CBAP® Exam Certification Series

To support the continuing education of our members, Austin IIBA is providing an opportunity to join an online Certification Exam Preparation Series in August 2019. Please see this page for further information:

CBAP® Exam Preparations

Before beginning preparations for the CBAP certification, it is best to assess and understand individual learning styles. Using this information, a student can opt for the method of study that has the potential to return the most results.Try these two online tests for a quick learning style assessment. Test #1 and Test #2 

How can I prepare for the exam?

To prepare for the exam please refer to the BABOK® Guide and the references identified. The exam is also based on experience. You may also want to look at the Endorsed Education Providers (EEPTM) listing for any additional training you may require or contact your local IIBA Chapter about scheduled study groups.

Can you tell me what material I need to review or course I should take to prepare for the exam?

As long as your application is approved, you are eligible to take the exam. To help you prepare, we recommend a review of the BABOK® Guide and other resource options available.