Become a Volunteer for our Chapter

For those who are pursuing or renewing certifications, all Chapter volunteer hours count towards Continuing Development Units (CDUs)!

Please contact for more information about any of these roles!


Would you like to be more aware of what’s going on with the IIBA Austin Chapter? Does being organized make you happy? Are you interested in pursuing a Board position, but want to understand the workings of the Chapter first? We’re looking for a Chapter secretary who can help with the following:
  • Ensure that meetings are setup in the Chapter’s WebEx account
  • Prepare and distribute Board meeting agendas
  • Attend Board meetings and capture meeting minutes

Meetings are held quarterly on Saturday mornings (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct), and otherwise on the second Wednesday of each month.

This role is expected to require 2-3 hours per month (i.e., CDUs!) and reports to the Chapter President.


This position is the primary planner for our annual professional development conference, Business Analysis Development Day. This position is the lead on a committee tht will:

  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers to help prepare for and execute ATX BADD
  • Recruit & schedule speakers for annual ATX BADD Event
  • Provide presentation details, speaker bio/picture to Website Content Admin for Website
  • Provide presentation details, speaker bio/picture to VP Marketing for marketing activities
  • Provide ATX BADD budget to Treasurer and ensure adherence
  • Coordinate facilities for ATX BADD event

The time reqiured for this position is variable by month and is heaviest in the two months prior to the event.

Chapter Meeting Hosts

Help the Chapter and earn two hours of CDU time! We’re looking for volunteers to help with meeting preparation and check-in. This will take about an hour per month, plus you’ll get free admission to the Chapter meeting that you work!

  • Prepare sign-in sheets for Chapter events
  • Greet, check in, and collect meeting fees from attendees at Chapter events
  • Create and provide meeting fee receipts when requested
  • Upload attendance records

Data Analyst

We have data from Constant Contact about our members and from the IIBA about area CBAPs. We're looking for a volunteer who will help organize the raw data into information that we can use to better reach people who would be interested in our offerings. The primary sources of data will be metrics from Constant Contact and information from the IIBA organization, and you're welcome to use any tools for which you have a license.

The number of hours needed for this will vary by month and will result in CDUs.

Marketing Designer

We have Chapter collateral that could use some cosmetic love. If you have an eye for design (or want a chance to develop a new skill), please let us know! 

The time would count towards CDUs. With the variable tasks, this could take an hour or many hours, depending on the approach taken.

Website Content Admin

Our website is generated from a configurable tool that IIBA provides. It has an easy-to-learn interface for someone who doesn't want to code, or it can be edited in HTML for those who want to program it or go beyond the basics. The work is straightforward, and we need a detailed-oriented person to handle these:

  • Create monthly event pages on chapter website, Constant Contact, and Meetup
  • Maintain changes to sponsorship logos and links on the chapter website

This takes about an hour a month of CDU time, once you have the hang of the applications.